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Out of all the hours and isolation...not to mention the mental stress//pleasure of creating music, I never imagined it would inspire and touch a single person. Being contacted by people who have been deeply touched by my sounds makes my day. I feel a personal connection to anyone who can relate emotionally strictly via textures and sounds. It is one of the purest and most honest interactions.

This page isn't about money, but rather a thank you note to the beautiful people who have expanded their minds and took the time to listen to my very strange heart. ANYWAY, I love you all! Message me anytime if you want one of my tape releases, free DL links, or if you want to straight up collaborate. I hope this page will be used to bring like-minded folk and artists, rather then money. Of course, donations would really help. :) But please, shoot me an e-mail and share your life/music/art/selfies....whatever. <3

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    I have literally thousands of songs that are either finished or need to be finished so if you are a true fan, I can send you new songs weekly. Also, I LOVE to make mixes of my favorite sounds/albums and I hear i'm not so bad at it. So expect to get doses of new music. YOU WILL NEVER BE IN A MUSIC RUT AGAIN! By the way, I will do this for free anyway. All you have to do is shoot me an e-mail. I am trying to get actual gear for a live set, which is expensive, but once I am able to get the right equipment I promise to play a live set just for you...wherever you are. <3
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Little Rock, Arkansas

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